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Batman Brave and the Bold Main Picture

 Batman Brave and the Bold

Batman: The Brave and The Bold was made in 2008, and its a all ages action Tv Show with humor, action, adventure, and a famouse video game. Clock King: A well-known character in the show, first appearing in Episode One, ​RISE OF THE BLUE BEETLE!   He is a french man with a clock helmet, a green suit with red feathers and a shiny black belt with gold on it. 

Episode First Appearence: Rise of the Blue Beetle!

Video Game First Appearence: Level 3: Over the underworld!
Clock King

Clock King Brave and the bold first appearence

Batman: Main Hero in the show, and a good fighter.

Blue Beetle: Teenager, and a hero starting out.

Clock KingEdit


Rise of the Blue Beetle!

Batman and Blue Beetle team up to fight Kanjar Ro, who is stealing  the Gibble Citizens and taking thier fuel. Clock King appears in the beginning, where Batman and Green Arrow team up to break Clock King's muesum.

Mayhem of The Music Meister!

Black Canary tries to defeat evil singer Music Meister, when Batman helps fight the heroes he mind-controlled. Green Arrow helps too when he gets his mind control off. Clock King appears when he's mind-controlled!

Sidekicks Assemble! 

The sidekicks team up and defeat villains. Clock King is one of them.

Idendity: William Tockman

First Appearence (COMICS): World's Finest Comics #111

Other Names: King Clock & Tick Tock

Clock King's Code: 1357911TIMEWISE5

The Clock King is known for good speeches and great

Moves, and he is also good at winning Battles against 

Green Arrow.