Batman vs. Billy Numerous

Billy Numerous' first TV appearence was Teen Titans animated show.


Suprisingly, Billy's arch enemys are the Teen Titans. But of course, he has other arch enemys. His enemys are Batman, The Flash, Red Hood, The Teen Titans, and Speedy. The bold plan of Billy's is to exaust his enemy by making multiple copies of himself, then, he strikes when the are too exausted to see him. His first Tv appearence was Teen Titans season one.  He was also mentioned in Teen Titans Go! comic series. His first appearence was in the original series Tales of The Teen Titans .  Although, he's very rare; in Tv shows he isn't. 

The Last CopyEdit

He was clung to evil, even as a child. He was bullied because he was ugly at the ages 5 to 18. He seaked revenge. Finnaly, he grew un-ugly in his 20's. He was consumed by evil and knitted a suit; a redish color mixed with orange. A white circle on his chest, and in it a chinease symbol. He made a circle hole for his mouth to stick out. Then he threw himself into a chemical to get his multiplacation powers. He grew smarter- and became Billy Numerous. His name as a child was Bill Screch. 


First Tv Appearence: Teen Titans

Teams: The H.i.v.e & Injustice League

Team Leaders: Gizmo & Joker

Teen Titans comic

Fighting Moves: Can make copies of himself & Kung-Fu