Batman: Shadow of the BatEdit

Shadow of the Bat is an official 1990's Batman comic series, also featured in the Knightfall story. Knightfall features Shadow of the Bat #16 to #18.The story in 16, 17, and 18 is that The Scarecrow is taking over Gotham with his fear gas, and Batman must take him down before Anarchy, once a trusted pal, tries to take Batman down! (; HEADSUP: Batman is not Bruce Wayne, he is broken! It's Jean Paul behind the mask! ;)

Personal Information of Shadow of the Bat #16

The Scarecrow is taking over Gotham City ( World of Batman )  with his fear gas, and Batman ( Jean Paul ) must take him down before Anarchy, Once a trusted Pal, tries to take down Batman. Anarchy is featured earlier in Shadow of the Bat, and seen constatly on the Tv Show Beware the  Batman ( 2012, Cartoon Network, DC Nation Edition ).

No Man's LandEdit

Once a Knightfall #2, then a Rapid Detective adventure, then a Land to no Man...... BUT THE BATMAN! Honestly, the Epilouge to Knightfall Vol. 3 is one of Batman's finest! I only have Vol. 4 ( I aim to get Vol. 1 ) but I know half of the story. No Man's Land: The Great Epilouge, Knightfall: The Better Prolouge!

Showcase '93 OriginsEdit

Another fist bump with Knightfall! The Rapidest, Best-Told, Scariest, Coolest & Most Exiting Origins and Adventures! It's #7 to #8 in Knightfall. Broken Batman is in the cave, where Robin complains he should have acted alot sooner when he beat up Two-face with Batman. He tells a sad, 2-book story of Two-face's final Battle.


A 100+ page biography by Scott Beatty! ( Can be found in many Librarys. )