Batman Bane cover

Idendity: Bane First Appearence: Vengeance of Bane #1 Created By: Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench Enemy: Batman

First of all, Batman and his foes were made by Bob Kane, But his enemy Bane was made by Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench, Including their artist Graham Nolan. The first ever appearence of Bane was Vengeance of Bane Specials #1.  The last straw- Bane was featured in Knightfall, one of the best Batman stories ever.  Bane broke all the inmates out of prison, to study this Batman. Finnaly, Bane breaks Batman's back and a new host, Jean Paul, takes the Batman's place. He is recomended too violent. He takes down Bane. Batman recovers late, and takes down Paul. Then they mention the story of The League of Assassins. 


Batman and Robin both know Bane was the man who took down Killer Croc, and the man who broke Batman and even insulted Jean Paul Valley. Bane has broke the arms of Killer Croc, did I mention?

Knightfall or No Man's Land?Edit

The two best storys of Bane are No man's land and Knightfall. Which is your favorite story? You can start a chat and anwser. I myself perfer Knightfall.